Nordic Valhalla Competition Javelin

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High quality javelin, specifically designed for maximising the glide period. This javelin is...más
Nordic Valhalla Competition Javelin

High quality javelin, specifically designed for maximising the glide period. This javelin is particularly made for professional throwers. Easily recogniseable due to its unique Nordic spiral design.

Model: Full Carbon or Hybrid Carbon
The full carbon model has a shaft made from 100% carbon and is perfect for elite athletes with great technical skills. It is very sensitive to technical errors, but when thrown correctly, can reach distances previously unobtainable. This is as a result of Nordic's expertise and knowledge in this field. The hybrid carbon model is made from a mixture of glass fibre and carbon. It is designed for advanced and professionel throwers that may not be as technically proficient. It has proven to be slightly forgiving when released incorrectly.

Tip shape: Sharp or blunt
Nordic recommends using the sharp tip for maximum results under all wind conditions. They say, it is a universal tip that performs well even under crosswind conditions. The blunt tip (cigar head) is specified for use under tailwind or windstill conditions. It is thicker than most other cigar head tips on the market and maximises the lift after releasing the javelin as well as the glide period in perfect wind conditions.


Aptitud para competiciones: DLV, FFA, FIDAL, IAAF, PZLA, RFEA, UKA, USATF
Material de la punta: Steel
Peso: 600 g
Color: Lila-gelb
Tipo: Wettkampfspeer
Certificados: IAAF
Material: Carbon- mit Glasfaser
Número de certificado IAAF: I-18-0911

En caso de productos con varios modelos, las especificaciones se refieren al modelo elegido en la parte de arriba.

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