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trenas Pair of Hand Grip Trainers trenas Pair of Hand Grip Trainers
Chromed pair of hand grip trainers with ergonomically shaped foam handles. For hand and forearm strength training.
€2.99 *
trenas Abdominal Muscle Trainer trenas Abdominal Muscle Trainer
Practical piece of training equipment for fitness and strength training. Heavy-duty plastic double roll with rubber cover. Suitable for any kind of sports floor. Comfortably cushioned handles.
€6.79 *
Pair of Cushioned Press-Up Handles Pair of Cushioned Press-Up Handles
Robust fitness equipment. Two press-up handles made from painted steel with cushioned handles.
€18.49 *
Deuser® Inflatable Balance Pillow Deuser® Inflatable Balance Pillow
Inflatable balance pillow for balance and fitness training. Can be used to increase the difficulty of regular training exercises.
€22.79 *
Deuser®️ Balance Pad Deuser®️ Balance Pad
The Deuser®️ Balance Pad is ideal for strength training, agility and flexibility exercises as well as for a healthy posture. It is suitable for home training as well as for on the go. The antiskid, structured surface provides a firm grip...
€38.99 *
Half Sphere Balance Stone Set of Six Half Sphere Balance Stone Set of Six
Our half sphere balance stones offer greater possibilities for agility and balance training. Made from flexible synthetic material for effective training sessions. The upper side is covered in small bumps and offers good grip. The...
€60.99 *