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We offer a variety of high quality medicine balls by the manufacturer Trial. Trial is also known for fitness equipment for home training and school sports. Their products are characterised by their fun bright colours.

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Trial New Nemo Medicine Ball Trial New Nemo Medicine Ball
Very hard-wearing medicine ball made of special synthetic material. The ball is equipped with a needle valve and is inflatable. The New Nemo medicine balls are characterised by their small circumference in relation to their weight. When...
€21.49 *
trial Over Kettlebell trial Over Kettlebell
Experience an exciting and versatile training tool for discus throw and general fitness and strength training. The trial Over Kettlebells are crafted from floor-friendly plastic and feature an ergonomically designed grip for a solid and...
€33.99 *
trial Indoor Shot Super Soft trial Indoor Shot Super Soft
The indoor shot by trial boasts a soft cover, making it perfect for indoor training sessions. And despite its softness, it maintains dimensional stability and features an easy-to-grip design. These properties facilitate efficient and...
€45.99 *
trial Goalball Soundball - IBSA - 1250 g trial Goalball Soundball - IBSA - 1250 g
Discover our trial Goalball, a sound ball with bells. It is designed with soft, dual-layer rubber for a comfortable grip, which is ideal for visually impaired sports. With its basketball-like appearance, the ball is engineered to reduce...
€91.99 *