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trenas Kettlebell trenas Kettlebell
Versatile piece of training equipment for fitness and strength training as well as rehabilitation. Attractive appearance with an ergonomically shaped handle. Slightly deadening characteristics ensure safe training. Clearly visible weight...
From €5.99 *
trenas Pair of Dumbbells trenas Pair of Dumbbells
Dumbbell pairs for fitness and strength training providing good grip. Made from cast iron covered by an easily cleanable layer of vinyl. Comfortably shaped handles even with the smallest weight.
From €7.79 *
trenas Chromed Dumbbells trenas Chromed Dumbbells
Professional dumbbells for fitness and strength training. Attractive appearance due to chrome finish. The knurled handles provide good grip even during intense training sessions. Dumbbells up to 10 kg are delivered as a pair, anything...
From €46.79 *
trenas Battle Rope - 15 m trenas Battle Rope - 15 m
Multi-functional training equipment for strength, coordination and endurance. Fix the rope around a post or similar at your training facility and start training. The rubberised handles on both ends provide good grip and secure the rope...
From €49.99 *
Polanik Weighted Vest Polanik Weighted Vest
Robust weighted vest made from synthetic material. For fitness and strength training. Ten weight compartments. Integrated adjustable hook-and-loop fastener straps. Ten 900 g weights included. Maximum weight: 9 kg.
€79.99 *
Polanik Plyometric Triple-Height Training Box Polanik Plyometric Triple-Height Training Box
This plyobox is a versatile training tool with a wide range of potential uses, especially in jumping and sprint training. By jumping up and down the box, in addition to strength and endurance, speed, agility and coordination are trained....
€204.79 *