Polanik Javelin Cord

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Professional form keeping replacement cord for javelins. A defective javelin cord does not...more
Polanik Javelin Cord

Professional form keeping replacement cord for javelins. A defective javelin cord does not necessarily mean the end of the javelin's lifespan. Replacing a cord makes particular sense with expensive javelins. This cord is suitable for javelins of all brands. The length required for replacing a javelin cord depends on the javelin's weight. For a 400 g javelin, a 2.65 m cord is needed. For 500 g, 2.65 m. For 600 g, 3.10 m. For 700 g, 3.70 m and for 800 g, 4.10 m. We recommend ordering a slightly longer cord than stated. The cord you order will be delivered in one piece. Adhesive not included in the delivery.

Replacing the javelin cord
Replacing the javelin cord requires knowledge of athletics regulations. This particular cord is easier to attach than other cords because it consists of two components (cotton cover and synthetic fibre core). The cotton layer is easy to retract, so that the synthetic core can be shortened slightly at one end. The cord can be wrapped around the javelin neatly. Simple instruction can be found in the download tab. To maintain the javelin's centre of gravity, you should pay careful attention to the cord position. We also recommend having the javelin professionally checked after replacing the cord handle to ensure it still complies with the regulations and can be used in competitions.

Colour: Blue
Polanik Product Code: JC-blue
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