Polanik Competition Steeplechase Barrier

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Competition steeplechase barrier with a multi-layer wooden beam mounted on telescopic barrier...more
Polanik Competition Steeplechase Barrier

Competition steeplechase barrier with a multi-layer wooden beam mounted on telescopic barrier feet. Can be set to all competition heights (76.2 cm, 83.8 cm and 91.4 cm). Bellows secure the telescopic mechanism against dirt and water.

All three steeplechase barrier sizes available. There are two water jump models, one is a standard water jump barrier to be permanently installed on the track, while the other version is free-standing. Quality product made in Poland.


Competition suitability: DLV, WA (formerly IAAF)
Material: Wood
Range of use: Competition, Training
Heights: 76.2 cm, 83.8 cm, 91.4 cm
Polanik Product Code: PP-396
Certificates: WA (formerly IAAF)
Width: 3.96 m
Installation: Freestanding
WA Certification (formerly IAAF): E-04-0392

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