WV Rubber Gymnastics Ball

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The WV Rubber Gymnastics Ball is available in a variety of colors. It is made in Germany from...more
WV Rubber Gymnastics Ball

The WV Rubber Gymnastics Ball is available in a variety of colors. It is made in Germany from high-quality rubber. WV designed this ball to be both durable and visually pleasing. Use this ball in school or club, or profit from its qualities as a therapy ball and for rhythmic gymnastics exercises.

The ball is equipped with a valve, which allows you to control the air pressure and, therefore, the ball's bouncing characteristics. It is also great for water sports and is resistant to wear and tear. Made in Germany, this is a quality product you can trust.

WV Rubber balls
Excellent quality and performance characteristics and a patented rubber valve are what makes WV balls so special. They are ideal for schools, clubs and physio therapy. Their rubber medicine balls are very popular among competitive athletes.


Material: Rubber
Bounce characteristics: Extremely bouncy
Surface finish: Uncoated
Weight: 340 g
Colour: Blue
Diameter: 16 cm

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