Polanik Basic School Starting Block

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Grand training starting block for school and clubs. This starting block is extremely easy to...more
Polanik Basic School Starting Block

Grand training starting block for school and clubs. This starting block is extremely easy to handle. There are spikes for synthetic tracks mounted to the rail, but this starting block can also be used on cinder tracks and grass. There are no screw joints on this starting block, making it particularly robust and low-maintenance.

Rubber pedal pads
The rubber pedal pads offer a good grip. The starting block is therefor suitable for use with normal shoes or those with spikes.

No adjustable pedal angle: Perfect for schools
This starting block comes with fixed pedal angles and is therefor perfect for school sports. Adjusting a pedal’s angle often delays and disrupts school sports.


Accessories included: Ground anchoring for cinder track
Suitability for flooring types: Cinder track, Synthetic track
Pedal angle settings: Fixed setting
Rail material: Steel
Pedal material: Steel
Carry handle: No handle
Range of use: Training only
Surface area of starting block pedal (W x H): 11 x 15 cm
Polanik Product Code: PBS14-B

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