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Gill Vaulting Pole Safety Cap Gill Vaulting Pole Safety Cap
Synthetic safety cap for vaulting poles, to be mounted right above the plug. This small cap increases the poles' durability. Standard vaulting poles are reinforced at the bottom, which is why this cap will not change the pole...
€28.29 *
Stopper for HAEST’s Pole Vaulting Pole for Children Stopper for HAEST’s Pole Vaulting Pole for Children
Red stopper for our children’s pole vaulting pole. The stopper is made from flexible, red, synthetic material and sits securely on the end of the pole without the use of additional tools or equipment. The stoppers are particularly...
€9.99 *
Vaulting Pole Plug Vaulting Pole Plug
Rubber plugs for vaulting poles. Mounted at the bottom. Our size information refers to the outer pole diameter. Please ensure you measure the pole diameter at the bottom, since the bottom is usually reinforced and thus slightly larger...
€26.99 *
Pole Vaulting Grip Tape Pole Vaulting Grip Tape
Adhesive fabric tape for vaulting poles. Please note that regulations ask to tape poles bottom-up.
€17.29 *