Polanik Double Front Pole Vault Mat

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  • STB-PO-T-12268-D
  • Mattenversand
  • 11662HS
Double-sided pole vault mat for bidirectional use without repositioning the mat. Particularly...more
Polanik Double Front Pole Vault Mat

Double-sided pole vault mat for bidirectional use without repositioning the mat. Particularly useful in windy conditions, saves you the trouble of disassembling, turning and reassembling your pole vault mat.

Multicube pole vault mat with external spikes-resistant top pad. Suitable for competition and training. Cover made from double PVC-coated polyester. High quality PU foam elements inside. spikes-resistant mesh fabric connected to the main mat by stainless steel connectors. The different parts of the main mat are connected to one another with safe connectors. Jaqcuard handles for easy transportation. Red, blue and green colour available.


Type: Multicube
Spike protective mesh: Seperated - reversable
Available colours: Blue, Green, Red
Internal foam construction: Three-layer hollowed block
Height: 0.80 m
Competition suitability: UKA, IAAF
Range of use: Competition, training
Polanik Product Code: T-12268-D
Length: 12.20 m
Width: 6.00 m

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